Kampong Glam

the majestic Sultan Mosque, is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore

Sultan Mosque

alladin flying carpets? you will be spoilt for choices for good quality carpets

 Flying Carpets

dollies dressed up in colourful materials

Dollies @ Kampong Glam

rolls n rolls of beautiful materials from all over the world: silks, chiffons, laces, linen and etc

Rolls of materials

made a quick stop for tea n home-made samosas at a lil shop along Baghdad Street

Tea @ Kampong Glam


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Good old fashion peanut cookies

its tat time of the year again for those who are celebratin the festive season… its time to take out yr baking trays, rollin pins and warm up the oven cos its time to make the goodies!

lets start off with the simplest of them all – that is the peanut cookies… i tink its quite a common cookie to serve not only during hari raya but also chinese new year – its sort of a multi racial cookie..? haha 🙂 

why dont u give it a try – my family recipe of the peanut cookies:

what u’ll need
500 gm ground peanuts (roasted in a wok without oil of cos or roasted in oven, removed the skin and grind)
400 gm flour
300 gm icing sugar
1 tsp salt (for taste)
1 cup peanut oil
Egg yolk (for glaze)

how to
mix well ; ground peanuts, icing sugar, salt n flour. add in peanut oil.
with a rolling pin, roll the dough mixture – then use round mould to make small round cookies. lastly glaze with egg yolk. put in oven for around 15 mins till golden brown.


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Babysitting terrapin

my kid cousins went away for a short holiday and they asked me to babysit their hmmm what i tot tortoises… but i mayb wrong – they could be tortoises, turtles or terrapins?? ha ha… i was clue less, so i did some research and found out the difference between tortoises, turtles and terrapins. 

it turned out that they were terrapins… there were 2 of them, living in a very small fish tank… it was kinda depressing lookin at them cramped up in the small tank…


so i went down to Pasir Ris’s Whitesands mall, to Pet Lovers Centre (#B1-13/14) to get help… the staff there were very helpful to explain to me wat the terrapins required.

picture from: http://www.petloverscentre.com/

i bot a new spacious tank, added in more landing rocks… i tink they are happier terrapins now 🙂



if you do want to keep pets, make sure you are a responsible pet owner. This link mite interest u: Living with Pets

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Life is precious

life is precious – cherish it and live it! just a few days ago, i lost a friend who passed on so suddenly… she was fit as a fiddle, so i was shocked when i received the sad news…  she passed on peacefully on a memorable day – that is also her wedding anniversary… i still find it difficult to accept the fact tat she is gone… i keep visualising her face, her smile and her kind personality…

she was a good wife, obedient daughter and a caring friend… she was just a nice person and everyone who knew her would definately have loved her…  she was also a good cook – as she lived nearby me she would sometimes send me her delicious home cooked dishes… she definately left behind a lot of people who truly loved her… may she rest in peace, Amin…

this sad lost reminds me of just how short life is… be thankful that we are still around today to enjoy life… hold on to the ones u love… cherish life n live every day as if it were your last…

“May you live all the days of your life.”~ Jonathan Swift

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Always Luvin It – ALI’s Cafe

had a lonely dinner all by myself… 😦 was cravin for meat… ha ha…  and the garlic steak from ALI’s Cafe fulfilled my craving… perhaps ALI is the name of the owner or does it actualli stands for ‘Always Luvin It’? hmm…

i give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a lip-smackin meal…  the halal ALI’s Cafe is located at Malay Village, Geylang Serai…

its realli value for money – only S$8.50 for a big serving:

Ali Cafe

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Tea @ Tiffany

finding a halal restaurant to dine? may i  suggest you give Tiffany Café & Restaurant a try 🙂 located at Furama City Centre Hotel,  i was spoilt for choices by the delightful buffet spread.

Tiffany Cafe

here’s wat was on my plate.  dun’t the pictures make u hungry? i sure am 🙂
Whats on my plate :)

Whats on my plate

Whats on my plate

during the fasting month of ramadhan, Tiffany Cafe is also offering a special breaking fast spread. any of u interested for an array of mouth watering delights?

for reservations: 65315366
estimated price: S$30.80
dinner hours: 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm 

Tifinay Cafe

Tiffinay Cafe

Tiffinay Cafe

how to get there? here’s the location map:

Furama City Centre

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Arts in the city

strolled around the city and was captivated by the scupltures tat i came across. have you seen any of these?

Fernando Botero’s BIRD:Art in the City

Art in the city

Francis Ng’s Death of Matter:Art in the city

Art in the city

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