Easy home-made choc fondue

preparation of fresh fruits skewered on a satay stick: kiwis, grapes, mango, strawberries n etc

 Choc Fondue - Fruits

for the choc fondue: cook semi-sweet chocolate + cream + lil bit of butter using double boiling method until all is melted and smooth. and there you go, smooth chocolate fondue.  dip the fruit sticks in the fondue and bon appetite 🙂

Choc Fondue - Choc Dip



  1. hyacinthus said

    Where can you buy halal chocolate bar?

  2. ladyla said

    i buy most of my baking essentials at Phoon Huat (http://www.phoonhuat.com/). i frequent the outlet at Bencoolen Street to get my materials.

  3. djXpire said

    hi, where u get the nice warmer from? thanks! ^^

  4. hyacinthus said

    Think Robinsons also sell something similar. Bought one from there before in 2004 for less than S$15. 🙂

  5. ladyla said

    the warmer was a gift for my house warming.

    hyacinthus is rite – u can get it at robinsons, also u can try ck tangs or isetan. they even sell the choc fondue chocolate mix – dark choc or milk choc 🙂

  6. Lena said

    I bought the dark choco frm tangs.. REALISED that its too bitter…. how to make it sweeter ah? And also, how u melt the choco? I got a hard time doing it 😦

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