Always Luvin It – ALI’s Cafe

had a lonely dinner all by myself… 😦 was cravin for meat… ha ha…  and the garlic steak from ALI’s Cafe fulfilled my craving… perhaps ALI is the name of the owner or does it actualli stands for ‘Always Luvin It’? hmm…

i give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a lip-smackin meal…  the halal ALI’s Cafe is located at Malay Village, Geylang Serai…

its realli value for money – only S$8.50 for a big serving:

Ali Cafe



  1. hyacinthus said

    ah… craving for red meat?

    let’s all go eat red meat this Friday.

    I need that too 😉

  2. ladyla said

    sounds good! but not sure if belle is up for it…?

  3. belyl said

    it’s ok… i can still eat grilled fish… actually cravng for very good smash potatoes…. the last time i ate one tat’s really nice is from that cafe along amoy st.

  4. ladyla said

    looks like each one of use is craving for sumthin… ha ha

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