Babysitting terrapin

my kid cousins went away for a short holiday and they asked me to babysit their hmmm what i tot tortoises… but i mayb wrong – they could be tortoises, turtles or terrapins?? ha ha… i was clue less, so i did some research and found out the difference between tortoises, turtles and terrapins. 

it turned out that they were terrapins… there were 2 of them, living in a very small fish tank… it was kinda depressing lookin at them cramped up in the small tank…


so i went down to Pasir Ris’s Whitesands mall, to Pet Lovers Centre (#B1-13/14) to get help… the staff there were very helpful to explain to me wat the terrapins required.

picture from:

i bot a new spacious tank, added in more landing rocks… i tink they are happier terrapins now 🙂



if you do want to keep pets, make sure you are a responsible pet owner. This link mite interest u: Living with Pets


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  1. alphacentric said

    used to have a terrapin when i was a small kid… that time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was HOT! it was cool to have a “turtle” back then 🙂

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