Kampong Glam

the majestic Sultan Mosque, is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore

Sultan Mosque

alladin flying carpets? you will be spoilt for choices for good quality carpets

 Flying Carpets

dollies dressed up in colourful materials

Dollies @ Kampong Glam

rolls n rolls of beautiful materials from all over the world: silks, chiffons, laces, linen and etc

Rolls of materials

made a quick stop for tea n home-made samosas at a lil shop along Baghdad Street

Tea @ Kampong Glam



  1. hyacinthus said

    Colourful! 😀

    Kampong Glam has a distinctive and attractive flavour – many nice shophouses and eateries. I have brought overseas guests to this area a few times and they simply love it! 🙂

    btw, what were the drinks?

  2. ladyla said

    yeah – kampong glam is filled with colours. i always have a good time looking at the gorgeous materials they have there.

    n ya, lately more eateries have sprung up in the area. from restaurants selling local delights to mediterranean, turkish, arab cuisines n more…

    i had tea tarik n halio-o… try the lil corner shop at baghdad street… they also have authentic home-made nasi lemak, mee siam n etc… cheap n nice…

  3. belyl said

    The fabrics looks so colourful .. am sure the baju that is made from these fabrics would look fantastic. 🙂

  4. hyacinthus said

    What’s halio-o??? O_o

  5. ladyla said

    halia means ginger. so halio-o is actually ginger with a lil bit of sugar.

    its sure good to have when you r feelin ‘gassy’, well at least it works for me. haha.

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