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Arts in the city

strolled around the city and was captivated by the scupltures tat i came across. have you seen any of these?

Fernando Botero’s BIRD:Art in the City

Art in the city

Francis Ng’s Death of Matter:Art in the city

Art in the city


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G-MAX reverse bungee

anyone up for reverse bungee? count me out. the last time i was one of these thrill rides, my legs were wobbly n i actually had to sit down for half an hour b4 i could walk steadily! 

try it out if you are in for a wild ride – 200km per hour to a dazzling height of 60 meters. find out more about Spores first ever bungee : 

Reverse Bungee

i can hear their shouts from way below on the ground. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Reverse Bungee

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