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Life is precious

life is precious – cherish it and live it! just a few days ago, i lost a friend who passed on so suddenly… she was fit as a fiddle, so i was shocked when i received the sad news…  she passed on peacefully on a memorable day – that is also her wedding anniversary… i still find it difficult to accept the fact tat she is gone… i keep visualising her face, her smile and her kind personality…

she was a good wife, obedient daughter and a caring friend… she was just a nice person and everyone who knew her would definately have loved her…  she was also a good cook – as she lived nearby me she would sometimes send me her delicious home cooked dishes… she definately left behind a lot of people who truly loved her… may she rest in peace, Amin…

this sad lost reminds me of just how short life is… be thankful that we are still around today to enjoy life… hold on to the ones u love… cherish life n live every day as if it were your last…

“May you live all the days of your life.”~ Jonathan Swift


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Bloggin for the first time

my very first blog…  would luv to share interesting things and pictures with all, so stay tuned… oh ya – happy national day to all!

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