G-MAX reverse bungee

anyone up for reverse bungee? count me out. the last time i was one of these thrill rides, my legs were wobbly n i actually had to sit down for half an hour b4 i could walk steadily! 

try it out if you are in for a wild ride – 200km per hour to a dazzling height of 60 meters. find out more about Spores first ever bungee : http://www.gmax.com.sg/ 

Reverse Bungee

i can hear their shouts from way below on the ground. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Reverse Bungee


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Recognise tat building with colourful windows

anyone recognises this building…? “Oh…that building with the colourful windows…” do you know that there are 911 windows?

Otherwise known as the Old Hill Street Police Station (OHSPS), this bulding built in 1934 became the headquarters for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) in year 2000. Find out more about the history of the building:


Colourful Windows

Colourful Windows

Colourful Windows

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Easy home-made choc fondue

preparation of fresh fruits skewered on a satay stick: kiwis, grapes, mango, strawberries n etc

 Choc Fondue - Fruits

for the choc fondue: cook semi-sweet chocolate + cream + lil bit of butter using double boiling method until all is melted and smooth. and there you go, smooth chocolate fondue.  dip the fruit sticks in the fondue and bon appetite 🙂

Choc Fondue - Choc Dip

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Singapore Flyer

“The Singapore Flyer, a giant observation wheel that features brilliant engineering breakthroughs a world apart from the traditional ferris wheel, is set to be Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction…..” http://www.singaporeflyer.com.sg/index.php

so far i see 8 capsules up.. 🙂

Singapore Flyer

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Ayam Penyet

lunch was at Ayam Penyet House @ the basement of NTUC Income Beach Junction (No. 67 Beach Rd).  ayam penyet simply means ‘smashed chicken’.  sounds interesting doesn’t it and so is its taste.  

served in the traditional wooden plate, the crispy yet moist chicken is dished with super hot chilli sambal (paste),  fried tofu and raw veges.  its so finger licking good but careful with the chilli paste – it was so hot tat my mouth was numb for while. ha ha 🙂

Ayam Penyet

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Cupcakes trial

9 Aug – its the national day holiday. happy birthday singapore! birthdays always reminds me of – cake! since i didnt had much to do, i decided to whip up something… cupcakes!

so from my mom’s recipe book – a quick n easy recipe for the cupcakes; 10 eggs (yoke n whites seperated), 450 gm sugar, 450 gm self raising flour, 500 gm melted butter and 1½ tsp vanilla essence.

method: beat egg whites till peak, add sugar a bit at a time. add egg yokes one at a time, n mix well. add n mix in the butter, flour n essence. Place in cupcakes n bake at 150 degrees celcius

and there you go – bare naked cupcakes fresh from the oven:

bare naked cupcakes

then dress them up 🙂 frost with creamy sugar icing. simple icing recipe: Mix 250gm icing sugar, 2 eggs (whites only) n squeeze of lemon juice. Beat for around 15 mins.

decorating the cupcakes was fun… we used draggees, icing flowers, thousandsinhundreds, sugared crystal flakes n etc…

they don’t only look good, they taste yummy. cupcakes anyone? 🙂



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Bloggin for the first time

my very first blog…  would luv to share interesting things and pictures with all, so stay tuned… oh ya – happy national day to all!

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